Why Caregivers Stay: Retaining Caregivers Beyond 90 Days

Wednesday, July 12th or 26th | 2pm Eastern | 30 minutes + Q&A

Learn the top methods for increasing caregiver retention beyond 90 days and how to implement them in your business!

In almost any job, the first 90 days is a crucial time period for both the caregiver and the employer. Employers try their best to train and keep their new caregivers, and caregivers try their best to learn and fulfill their new responsibilities. This period can be equally challenging for employers and caregivers.

In the home care industry, more than 25% of caregivers leave within the first 90 days of employment, contributing to the ever-increasing caregiver retention struggle. This growing problem is not only costing home care providers thousands of dollars in productivity, but, more importantly, a decrease in client satisfaction.

Learn from Home Care Pulse Founder & CEO, Aaron Marcum, and ClearCare Founder & CEO, Geoff Nudd, as they share valuable data and insights that will help you keep your caregivers for the long-term, so you can grow a sustainable home care business.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How to hire right and keep your bench full
  • Ways to keep your new caregivers engaged and connected early on
  • Top retention methods used by leaders in the industry
  • Key metrics that you need to watch in order to drive retention

All attendees will receive a free Retaining Caregivers Through Recognition Resource Guide created by Home Care Pulse and ClearCare to help you retain caregivers for the long term.

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Presented by

Aaron MarcumAaron-Marcum.jpg
Founder & CEO
Home Care Pulse 

Though Aaron received his degree from Utah State University in business and history, he quickly realized that his passion was in working with seniors. For eight years, Aaron owned and operated a highly successful home care agency. This work inspired him to start Home Care Pulse, aimed at helping home care providers measure and improve their quality of care. As Home Care Pulse has grown, Aaron has most enjoyed helping providers to accomplish their goals, empower their employees, and confidently provide the best in-home care. When Aaron isn’t working with providers, you can find him fishing, hiking, and camping with his family.


Geoff Nudd
Founder & CEO

Geoff founded ClearCare after personal experience as a family caregiver. He realized that there had to be a better way to give transparency to family members leading to ClearCare’s early point-of-care innovations and a cycle of ongoing innovation in partnership with ClearCare’s customers. Geoff has over fifteen years of experience in software development and is an alumnus of companies such as Motorola, Andersen Consulting, and Merrill Lynch. Geoff received his B.A. from Northwestern and M.B.A. from Kellogg. Geoff grew up in Texas but moved to the Bay Area and was fortunate to be eventually followed by all of his immediate family. He and his wife Andrea have two wonderful children, Kate and Henry, and an enthusiastic labradoodle named Charley.